Start paying attention.

Those three words sound simple enough. And yet, just about everyone who has tried to focus on understanding what’s going on inside themselves knows that the process can get tricky pretty fast. Introspection can be as infuriating as it is illuminating.

On this episode of Being Human, host Steve Cuss welcomes his dear friend and colaborer at Capable Life Jimmy Carnes to talk about paying attention. Their conversation covers dehumanization, inner critics, and anxiety. Carnes explains what triangulation is and how Christians can notice and respond to it. He shares some of his own sources of anxiety, how he’s working on addressing them, and how building Lego has become a life-giving habit for him.

Tune in for an episode of tips for growing more connected to God, yourself, and others. Next week, Carnes and Cuss describe how the Enneagram, reactivity, and anxiety all fit together and how the Enneagram can help us connect to God.

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