This week on The Bulletin, hosts Russell Moore and Mike Cosper talk with Tom Nichols of The Atlantic about theatrics on the world stage—Donald Trump’s promise to pardon rioters from the January 6 attacks on the Capitol and Vladimir Putin’s response to the recent terrorist attack in Moscow. With his characteristic wit, Nichols helps listeners navigate the confusing messages politicians send and, with the hosts, clarifies the call of Christian witness. Producer Clarissa Moll talks to Mike and Russell about the bridge collapse in Baltimore and how Christians can resist indifference to the news. Finally, Mike and Russell remember the 10th anniversary of Mars Hill Church’s closure and reflect on the dangers of nostalgia.

This week’s guest:

Tom Nichols is a staff writer at The Atlantic and an author of the Atlantic Daily newsletter.

He is a professor emeritus of national-security affairs at the U.S. Naval War College, where he taught for 25 years, and an instructor at the Harvard Extension School. He has served as a legislative aide in the Massachusetts House and the US Senate. He writes about international security, nuclear weapons, Russia, and the challenges to democracy in the United States and around the world—along with occasional contrarian views on popular culture. His books include The Death of Expertise and Our Own Worst Enemy: The Assault From Within on Modern Democracy. He is also a five-time undefeated Jeopardy! champion.

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