Makoto Fujimura is a painter and the author of several books on the intersection of Christianity, culture, and the arts. Most recently he’s published Art and Faith: A Theology of Making.

In this episode of the podcast, Mako describes his calling as an artist and how living three blocks from the World Trade Center transformed his painting. He also describes his work in kintsugi – the Japanese art of mending broken ceramics by pouring gold between the shattered pieces. The medium itself is a vision of grace: taking something that appears ruined and making it more beautiful and more valuable than the original.

It’s a conversation about vocation, creativity, the abundance of God’s love, and the importance of culture making as vision of the new creation.

Produced by Mike Cosper

Edited by Mark Owens

Music by Dan Phelps

Theme Song “Eden Was a Garden” by Roman Candle