Kat Armstrong interviews Diane Langberg, a renowned psychologist and trauma expert, shedding light on the challenges of addressing abuse in the Scriptures. Dr. Langberg has sat with and counseled countless victims of trauma, violence, rape, and war. She’s studied people groups who’ve been crushed, oppressed and enslaved. She’s explored the sewer system of suffering and written to tell of it. And she doesn’t back down or hold back.
Diane doesn’t worry about hurting the church’s image because God doesn’t need us to protect his reputation.

Episode content warning: This episode contains content related to sexual assault.

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Episode Highlights: The Questions Kat asks Dr. Langberg

Why aren't there more messages about Dinah's story from our pulpits?
Why is abuse of power significant, and how does it play out in Scripture?
Why is Jacob's passivity instructive to Christians?
Why should someone feeling hopeless, due to systemic and cultural failures in Dinah's story, remain hopeful?
Why do you believe Christendom has been seduced by power?
How can pastors and communicators teach Scripture passages that contain stories of abuse with care and dignity, ensuring they protect victims in the pews?
Why has the Samaritan Woman's story been foundational to your work in supporting abuse survivors?

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