In this episode, host Charlie Peacock fields soul-stirring questions from our listeners with in-depth answers and music examples. He’s joined by former Motown Records drummer Aaron Smith and the Grammy- and Oscar-nominated songwriter Sam Ashworth.

We take you on a seamless audio journey of insights and inventions, including the story of Charlie recording Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Jackson Browne, the spiritual nature of goodness, Northern California punk rock ruminations, Nashville songwriting, pop music beat making, the 1960s San Francisco band The Beau Brummels, how a song about monkeys at the zoo remains an evergreen metaphor for the human condition, dreaming impossible and possible dreams, and the beautiful wisdom of following Jesus as a spiritual practice and blueprint for life and artistry.

In this anecdote and music-rich episode, providence and interdependence are front and center, offering shalom, revealing meaning, and allowing for plenty of mystery.

“Music and Meaning” is a production of Christianity Today
Executive Produced by Erik Petrik and Matt Stevens
Produced and Written by Charlie Peacock and Mike Cosper
Associate Produced by Raed Gilliam
Original Music and Editing by Charlie Peacock
Mixed by Mark Owens
Show theme, “Sound of the Room,” composed by Charlie Peacock, featuring bassist John Patitucci
Special guests: Aaron Smith and Sam Ashworth
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