Welcome to the latest Q&A episode of The Russell Moore Show, which addresses a question we all want answered: Is every question submitted to the show theological or political? As it turns out, the answer is no! Our first question today is about none other than Johnny Cash, which leads to a discussion of Merle Haggard and even Nine Inch Nails.

If you came for the heavier stuff, though, never fear. This episode also includes producer Ashley Hales and Russell talking about Christian nationalism, the Democratic Party, and the MAGA movement. Their conversation covers pastoring, witnessing in the digital environment, and delineating between moralism and Scripture application.

Questions addressed during this episode include:

  • What are Russell’s thoughts on Johnny Cash’s American Recordings?
  • What concrete steps does Russell recommend for pastors, lay leaders, and churchgoers who love their churches but see them as having been co-opted by individualism, consumerism, and Christian nationalism?
  • Does Russell ever wonder if he’s being used as a pawn by Democratic Party supporters?
  • How can a pastor address the far-right MAGA movement that’s taken hold in his congregation?
  • What does it look like to witness to coworkers in our new digital environment?
  • Especially when it comes to teaching children, how can we delineate between moralism and Scripture application?
  • How can the dignity of youth ministry be restored?
  • What introductory apologetics books does Russell recommend?
  • What should a church member do when new leadership holds a differing position on sexuality and marriage?
  • How can we reconcile two opposing views, such as conflicting opinions on baptism, in one church?
  • Did Paul avoid the harder path by not asking Philemon to emancipate Onesimus?

Resources mentioned in this episode include:

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