The death of a loved one indelibly marks our lives. Whether you’ve lost a spouse or child or friend, grief transforms you into a different person. How do you tell others about your loss? How do you process shifting relationships after loss? How do you meet and welcome this new you as you seek flourishing in the face of death?

On this episode of Surprised by Grief, Christianity Today’s editor-in-chief Daniel Harrell and author Clarissa Moll discuss the many ways grief affects our identities and relationships. They talk about navigating social situations after loss, releasing old expectations of the self, and pursuing new identities marked by both love and grief. Tune in for an honest look at how grief wrecks and remakes us. Our special guest, soul care provider Kyle J. Howard, shares his story of racial trauma and the theology of redemptive suffering.

Surprised by Grief is a production of Christianity Today.

Produced by Mike Cosper

Written by Daniel Harrell and Clarissa Moll

Edited and mixed by Mark Owens

Music by The Porters Gate