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Democratic Christians Weigh Their Primary ConcernsSubscriber Access Only
The presidential contenders are wooing religious voters. How do the faithful make sure God isn't a political prop?
Christian Martyr Numbers Down by Half in a Decade. Or Are They?Subscriber Access Only
New report shows dramatic change, but some are skeptical.
A Pauline (Barth-like) Dogmatics
Where to begin with Paul's theology? Where Paul begins, with God's revelation in Christ.
Mary the Priest and Phil the Groundhog Beat Out Super Bowl Hoopla
The real reason February 2 is an occasion for feasting.
Is It Faithful to Flee an Epidemic? What Martin Luther Teaches Us About Coronavirus
The German reformer’s pastoral reflection on the plague can guide both medical students like me and Christians in China—and everywhere the Wuhan virus has spread.
The Incarnation Lifts Our Gaze from Dust to Light
That God dwelt among us has profound implications for theology, art, and life.
Some Thoughts on Dr. King
Ruth Tucker reflects on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Christianity Tomorrow
What happened with the Mark Galli editorial is a precursor of evangelicalism to come.
On MLK Day, Be Still and Listen
Hearing each other is a miracle. We need to practice receiving it as such.
As CT Reported: Martin Luther King Jr.’s Life and Death
Highlights from our archives.
The Best of CT: Reflecting on the Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.
Highlights from our archives.
One-on-One with Andrew Peterson
Christ’s love enables us and calls us to do more than just create. It enables us, by his power, to redeem.
Many Churchgoers Don’t Know If Their Pastor Is a Republican or Democrat
Still, three-quarters of evangelicals say they agree with their church leaders on politics.
#Blessed: The Ministry of Instagram Inspiration
Morgan Harper Nichols and Ruth Chou Simons are part of a movement to bring beauty, truth, and encouragement to millions scrolling on their phones.
An Advent Image Is Worth a Thousand Words
This season, we’re invited to see symbols of the Nativity not as quaint supplements to doctrinal truth but as robust invitations to faith.
What Christians Miss When They Dismiss Imagination
Understanding God and our world needs more than bare reason and experience.
The How and the Why of Writing as a Christian
An experienced editor shows how well-crafted words can help us serve God and neighbor.
Divine Facial Recognition
The Incarnation gave us a God we could recognize and know.
The Democratic Candidates’ Favorite Bible Verses
Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, and Cory Booker are quoting a lot of Scripture on the campaign trail.

Top Story February 20, 2020

We Need to Read the Bible Jesus Read
We Need to Read the Bible Jesus Read
The Old Testament is vital for understanding the New Testament. It’s also indispensable all by itself.

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