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Compiled by Matt Reynolds.
How Christian Bookstores Survived 2020
Optimism, adaptation, and increased Bible sales carried retailers through pandemic shutdowns, industry surveys report.
Ravi Zacharias’s Books Pulled by HarperCollins After RZIM Investigative Report
Author Lee Strobel also plans to revise his “Case for Faith” to remove the late apologist.
Tolkien Fans Hope to Make Oxford Home a ‘Rivendell’ for Writers
Project Northmoor is fundraising to turn the place where the Catholic author wrote ‘The Lord of the Rings’ into a center for creating faith-inspired fantasy.
One-on-One with Crystal L. Downing on ‘Subversive’
An interview with Downing on her new book about the life of Dorothy L. Sayers.
How Not to Read Cheesy Books with Your Quarantined Kids
Two judges for the CT Book Awards reflect on what makes books “good”—and why that matters for children during a global crisis.
10 of the Best Books on Sports and Christianity from the Past 10 Years
How scholars, fans, and on-field stars have related faith and athletics.
A Look at Notable 2020 Publications
Continuing the tradition of reflecting on some of the year's noteworthy publications.
Writing as a Christian Means Joining a Banquet, Not a Battle
How we can use our words to feed each other rather than destroy each other.
Christianity Today’s 2021 Book Awards
Our picks for the books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture.
The Cross Is God’s Answer to Black Rage
How Christ’s death and resurrection speak to the particular suffering of African Americans.
Christianity Today’s 15 Most-Read Book Reviews of 2020
Recovering the real meaning of “born again,” rethinking purity culture, “remixed” spirituality, and much more from the year in books.
Jesus Creed 2020 Book Awards
Our awards to books by disciplines
Authors and Parents Are Rethinking Ways to Foster Kids’ Love for Scripture
What comes after storybook Bibles?
20 Truths from ‘Models of Evangelism’ by Priscilla Pope-Levison
“Christians inevitably are message bearers, and that message is full of beauty, peace, goodness, and salvation.”
The Importance of Nuance: An Interview with Lecrae Part 4
The fourth and final installment on Ed's recent interview with Lecrae.
Stereotypes: An Interview with Lecrae Part 3
Part three of Ed's recent interview with artist and author Lecrae.
Systems and Structures: An Interview with Lecrae Part 2
The second installment highlighting Ed's recent interview with Lecrae.
Restoration: An Interview with Lecrae Part 1
The first part of a series adapted from Ed's recent interview with Lecrae.
20 Truths from ‘The Sacred Overlap’ by J.R. Briggs
“If there is ever a time for the church to see a crucial opportunity to bring hope to our current context, this is it.”

Top Story February 24, 2021

Southern Baptists Expel Two More Churches Over Abuse
Southern Baptists Expel Two More Churches Over Abuse
Top leaders address divides in the denomination at the first in-person Executive Committee meeting in a year.

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