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Southwestern Seminary President Resigns
The successor to Paige Patterson cites “reputational, legal, and financial realities” as he moves on to an IMB role.
COVID-19 Church Restrictions Justified, New Zealand Court Rules
Twenty-four pastors and one imam lose argument that the rules designating worship “high risk” violated their religious rights.
Entendendo o autismo pelo olhar de um autista
Em um relato sincero de alguém que vive dentro do espectro, um professor da Taylor University nos convida a ver suas “deficiências” como dádivas.
How Should the Church Respond to Political Polarization?
Question 10 of Christianity Today’s roundtable on the Brazil 2022 election.
Died: Herb Lusk II: ‘Praying Tailback’ Who Gave Up Football for Ministry
First NFL player to kneel and thank Jesus in the end zone said caring for souls and helping people in poverty were more meaningful than fame.
I Could Sing This Bridge Forever, If It’s an Antiphon
Modern worship music can seem awfully simple. But it has a vital role to play, especially when paired with Scripture.
We Still Need the Nuclear Family
Married parents and their kids have a calling that needs to be expanded, not obliterated.
Trusting in the God Who Sees
Hagar's story reminds us that God sees and hears, and He responds on our behalf.
The Rise of the Evangelical Heretic
Even among the faithful, Christian orthodoxy has taken a backseat to cultural and political tribalism.
At Gracepoint Ministries, ‘Whole-Life Discipleship’ Took Its Toll
As the predominantly Asian American church network expands to dozens of college towns, former members come forward with claims of spiritual abuse.
Viral JesusEpisode 43|55min
Sharon Hodde Miller: The Cost of Control
Is our need to control our lives preventing us from living them?
Magma, Overturned
On Contradictory States of Suffering & Renewal
Beyond the Culture War Matrix
On End Times Theories, Strategies and Outcomes
Streams in the Wasteland
On Visual Art, Ecology and Eschatology
Does Bolsonaro Believe in His Own Campaign Slogan?
Question 1 of Christianity Today’s roundtable on the Brazil 2022 election.
Should Freedom of Speech Be an Important Issue for Evangelicals?
Question 8 of Christianity Today’s roundtable on the Brazil 2022 election.
Beyond Bolsonaro and Lula: How Brazil’s Evangelicals Should Vote
Five Christian leaders weigh the factors they hope are guiding the church as it prepares for the October presidential election.

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