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Nacionalismo cristiano: una confusión persistente
Si queremos combatir ideas peligrosas, necesitamos tener definiciones claras.
Os evangélicos brasileiros devem deixar a Quaresma para os católicos?
Veja o que dizem 6 teólogos e líderes protestantes sobre como servir e cultuar no período entre o Carnaval e a Páscoa.
Company that Trademarked ‘Worship Leader’ Makes Others Drop the Term
Popular meme accounts lose social media pages after being reported by Authentic Media, which says it coined the phrase.
Former SBC Pastor Johnny Hunt Sues Denomination He Once Led
Hunt admits to “kissing and some awkward fondling” but alleges defamation after the account was reported in last year’s Guidepost abuse investigation.
Should Evangelicals Observe Lent? What 6 Brazilian Theologians Say
How the church can serve and worship in the period between Carnival and Easter.
Lo que los evangélicos le debemos a Haití
Para entender la crisis del país isleño y lo que debemos hacer ahora, veamos primero lo que no hicimos.
Christians from Myanmar Call for the Release of Jailed Baptist Leader
Hkalam Samson, former head of the Kachin Baptist Convention, was internationally known for his advocacy
Russian Christians Make Theological Case for Peace
Anonymous Christmas condemnation of invasion offers insight into antiwar movement as it seeks reconciliation with Ukrainian believers—who want names.
Can Westerners Atone for Their Sins Without Breeding Resentment and Ingratitude?
An imaginary soirée with Douglas Murray, the Christian-friendly agnostic author of "The War on the West".
Buddhism Went Mainstream Decades Ago. US Churches Still Aren’t Ready.
Why Christians need to learn about the religion Asian immigrants brought to the US.
Rick Warren: The Great Commission’s ‘Go and Teach’ Applies to Women
The former pastor of ex-SBC Saddleback shares why his views on women changed.
We Lose Culture Wars by Putting Them On Trial
Instead of prosecutors trying to win arguments, we’re supposed to be defending what actually matters.
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What Does a Good Man Need?
An excerpt from Michael Thompson’s new book 'King Me.'
Viral JesusEpisode 64|44min
Gen Z Needs Your Patience, Not Your Judgment
Christian college students share their perspectives on mentoring, spiritual formation, and what their generation needs most from today’s leaders.
À qui irons-nous ? Des anglicans du Sud rejettent le leadership de Canterbury
Après la décision « disqualifiante » de l’Église d’Angleterre de bénir des mariages entre personnes du même sexe, un rassemblement d’anglicans conservateurs se prépare pour avril.
Perte de temps, œuvre d’amour
Chaque année, Pâques nous rappelle tout ce qu’il peut y avoir de merveilleux dans ce que le monde peut considérer comme une perte de temps.

Top Story March 21, 2023

Knowing the Future Doesn’t Cure Anxiety
Knowing the Future Doesn’t Cure Anxiety
Our true comfort comes in trusting in the one who holds tomorrow.

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