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His Election Polarized the Philippines. Now Evangelicals Are Repairing Burned Bridges.
Believers on both sides pray for incoming president Bongbong Marcos, as pastors harness new enthusiasm around nation-building and kingdom-building.
Viral JesusEpisode 37|38min
Maryanne J. George: Still Talking to Jesus
The Maverick City Music singer on her family's legacy of faith, living with anxiety, and how social media and the pandemic helped make the “Old Church Basement” project go viral.
Is There a Wholesome Alternative to Christian Nationalism?
Paul Miller’s critique of political idolatry is persuasive. His defense of patriotic civil religion, less so.
What Came Before the Ultrasound – And What Comes After
From word pictures to video games, prenatal visualization technology has expanded our empathy for the unborn.
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5 Things Thriving Churches Do Well
Set your goals. Grow your church.
Pro-Life Black Christians Don’t Focus on Abortion Alone
Overturning Roe v. Wade draws attention to what they’ve known all along: There’s much more to upholding life than banning abortion.
Thoughts on Navigating Our Church Effectively in a ‘Moved’ Neighborhood
Being neighborly is a choice, according to Jesus.
La compassion maternelle d’un Dieu en colère
Notre idée d’un Dieu de l’Ancien Testament colérique est une déformation de la réalité.
D. James Kennedy Ministries Loses Legal Battle Against ‘Hate Group’ Label
Supreme Court declines to reconsider definition of defamation and make it easier to prove malice.
Why Chinese Evangelization Starts with the Big Bang
Looking back can help Christians better understand and do apologetics today.
4 Post-Roe Policies Worth Pushing For
Supporting unborn children requires more than government, but not less.
Meet the Pioneering Radio Preachers Who Revolutionized Religious Broadcasting
How Fulton J. Sheen and Walter A. Maier unlocked the evangelistic power of the airwaves.
在我的青年时期,我扮演着论战者的角色。 以下是我对真正的义的认识。
在我的青年時期,我扮演着論戰者的角色。 以下是我對真正的義的認識。
At Canadian Megachurch, One Abuse Investigation Spurs Another and Another
As former pastor Bruxy Cavey appears in an Ontario court, the reckoning continues at The Meeting House.
Au secours ! J’ai arrêté de me préoccuper de Dieu.
Pourquoi les chrétiens glissent dans l’apathie spirituelle, et comment en sortir ?
Praying Football Coach Wins at Supreme Court
Conservative majority says Washington school was wrong to worry about “excessive entanglement” between church and state.
Court Dismisses Suit Against Platt’s McLean Bible Church
While the DC-area congregation celebrates getting to move forward, critics continue to accuse leadership of a liberal takeover.

Top Story June 30, 2022

4 Post-Roe Policies Worth Pushing For
4 Post-Roe Policies Worth Pushing For
Supporting unborn children requires more than government, but not less.

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