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Divided They Stand: Evangelicals Split Up in Politics to Keep Ukraine Conservative
Buffeted by Russia, corruption, and culture war pressures, believers surge in national elections.
White Evangelical Pastors Hesitant to Preach Vaccines
Advocates say more subtle approaches and one-on-one engagement may actually do more to inform the unvaccinated without further dividing the faithful.
O God, you have prepared
Prayer for the Week
Weekly Meanderings, 8 May 2021
Our weekly selection of links across the web.
CT на русском
All of CT's Russian articles.
Unlocking a Theology of Intimacy
How do Christians understand their relationships in light of the gospel?
India’s Christians Ask for Prayer as Virus Overwhelms Crematoriums
Severe oxygen shortage one of many challenges as India suffers the world’s worst surge of COVID-19 cases and deaths.
These Moms Won’t Miss the Pandemic. But Their Quarantine Habits Are Keepers.
Ten writers on the discipleship practices that shaped their families this year.
How Much Does Prayer Weigh?
Why scientists struggle to put this spiritual practice under the microscope.
Décès de C. René Padilla, père de la mission intégrale.
Il poussait les évangéliques à voir l'action sociale et l'évangélisation comme « les deux ailes d'un avion ».
Accelerating the Great Commission: Breakthrough and Innovations
Article 3 in a series of articles based upon the Lausanne North America Listening Call
Letting Grief Come to Church
Churches who welcome grief point hurting people to the wounded, risen Christ.
Proof That Political Privilege Is Harmful for Christianity
Our analysis of 166 nations suggests the biggest threat to Christian vitality is not persecution, affluence, education, or pluralism. It’s state support.
Christians ‘Pray the News’ in a Year of Doomscrolling
Ministries offer tips for how to give heartbreaking headlines over to God.
Vaccine Skeptics Need a Dose of Creation Theology
Medicine has limits. But as John Calvin knew, it can be an extraordinary gift from God.
Remembering Marva Dawn, a Saint of Modern Worship
Her teachings pushed us beyond worship wars and individualism with keen observations, a generous spirit, and an otherworldly devotion to Jesus.
Steadfast | 40 min
Pandemic Patience as Restaurant Owners
Creative solutions from those who were forced to adapt in order to survive.

Top Story May 9, 2021

How We Got to the Equality Act
How We Got to the Equality Act
The LGBT movement was shaped by the animosity of populist evangelical rhetoric and tactics.

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