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The Desolation Dinners
On Balms and Bandages After Betrayal
Tangible Reality
On Finding the Healing Place of God
Dark Chocolate at Midnight
On Trials as the Food of Faith
On Hermeneutics and Poetry
On Developing a Poetic Hermeneutic as a Cambridge Student
Warring Ideals
On W.E.B. Du Bois and Professional Code Switching
Bienaventurados los que lamentan el suicidio
Cuidar de las personas que pasan por un dolor profundo requiere una sólida teología del sufrimiento.
My Mirrorball Years
On the Displacement & Dreams of Young Millennialism
A Somebody with a Body
On Flannery O’Connor, Andy Warhol & the Incarnation
Sexual Sacrament
On Sex & Communion
Of Art and Age
On Grasping Art that Feels Too Lofty
NIV Teen Study Bible
King Solomon's Empire
You Should Be Bored in Church
Q&A with education professor Kevin Gary on the moral problem of the restless mind and why we need to learn to sit with tedium.
No Doctrine of the Trinity Is an Island
As a new introduction emphasizes, the deep mysteries of Father, Son, and Spirit can’t be grasped in isolation.
Um guia para entender os ‘Anéis de Poder’, série da Amazon
O reino de Númenor criado por Tolkien é um conto de advertência para nós, hoje.
Where Ya From?Episode 33
Finding Our Purpose with William Pannell and Jemar Tisby
Listen as preaching scholar William Pannell and Christian historian Jemar Tisby share how breaking silence and embracing tension allows them to advocate for justice.
Compline & Confusion in a Manhattan Hospital
On Christian Wiman & Faith as Contingency
Five Years After Church Shooting, Sutherland Springs Pastor Retires
Now at a new location, the rural Texas church continues on in memory of the 26 members killed, including the pastor’s teenage daughter.
‘Two Taels of Bread’ and Other East Asian Heresies
Misconceptions about Jesus, Scripture, and salvation prevail.
5 Books on the History of Christian Parenting in America
Chosen by David P. Setran, author of “Christian Parenting: Wisdom and Perspectives from American History.”

Top Story October 6, 2022

Bring Back Altar Calls
Bring Back Altar Calls
They could foster the worst in evangelical spirituality. But the best of it, too.

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