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Undeterred by an Outbreak
How missionary and local medical professionals fought a pandemic in this Western African nation.
Secularity, Political Christianity, and COVID-19: Sovereign Conditions for Gospel Movement
Since 2016, the detachment of the general population to evangelicalism has increased in both numbers and emotional rancor.
Canceled Mission Trips Expected to Have Long-Term Fallout
Without the typical influx of volunteers, ministries revise their plans and experts fear a COVID-19 kink in the missionary pipeline.
Our April Issue: Behind the ScenesSubscriber Access Only
Honoring the hidden heroes of our past can start right now.
What Now When We Can't Meet? Putting the Mission into Missional
Start by mobilizing your church to meet small and serve big!
The ‘Over There’ Era of Missions Is OverSubscriber Access Only
Nowadays, the Western church needs to send ambassadors to its own culture.
How is Global Leadership Different? One-on-One with Dr. Rochelle Scheuermann about Global Leadership and Wheaton College’s New M.A.
We are integrated beings which means our faith is not separate from what we do.
When Following God into Dark Places Reveals the Darkness in Your Own Heart
How shepherding others through messy situations brings our own sin and insufficiency to the surface.
Southern Baptists Have Only 13 African American Career Missionaries. What Will It Take to Mobilize More?
The International Mission Board launches new efforts to address historic shortage.
Meet the Christian Family Behind Free Burma Rangers
The Eubank family offers food, shelter, and medicine on the frontlines in Iraq and Burma.
Lessons from the Long-Shot Bid to Bring Christian Liberal-Arts Education to Russia
The Russian-American Christian University had a brief lifespan and a limited enrollment. But the school planted seeds that might flower in the future.
Despite a Murder and Visa Denials, Christians Persevere in TurkeySubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) After Andrew Brunson's release, foreign evangelists find it increasingly difficult to stay and serve.
Church Revitalization, Part One
Renewal Movements and Church Revitalization
Celibate Priests: What You Need to Know
How we've discussed clerical celibacy over the years.
There is a Balm in Gilead: A Missional Strategy for Churches in the 21st Century
What is the church to do in such a tumultuous climate of rapid change?
Are We Overlooking People and Areas in Need of Gospel Impact and Resources?
We now have numerous unprioritized areas that God calls us towards.
ʻWherever You Are, Be All Thereʼ: Living a Life of Mission
A vision for mission everywhere, at all times, in all ways is one that understands that there is no moment in our day when we aren’t on mission.
After Soleimani’s Death, Iran’s Christians Brace for ‘Tsunami of Disaster and Opportunity’
An interview with Lazarus Yeghnazar on why Western Christians should focus on leaders not numbers in the Islamic republic.
How Do You Define Evangelism?
Evangelism at its simplest is the telling of the gospel. But evangelism includes not just the telling.
The New Face of Medical MissionsSubscriber Access Only
The missionary physicians of the 21st century will be Africans—and US missions agencies couldn’t be happier.

Top Story April 9, 2020

What Matters Is That We Remember
What Matters Is That We Remember
Jesus’ last Passover was our first Communion.

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