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內戰使原則與社區對立, 一個基督教的異象將它們再次聯繫在一起。
内战使原则与社区对立, 一个基督教的异象将它们再次联系在一起。
Афганский телеведущий: теперь Афганистан увидит «чистое христианство»
В то время как спутниковое телевидение при талибах стало одним из немногих способов донесения информации до местных верующих, афганский пастор с телеканала SAT-7 размышляет о влиянии вывода американских войск на благовестие в стране.
Boy Scouts’ Bankruptcy Leaves Churches Liable for Abuse Suits
Top denominations and thousands of churches are reconsidering whether to keep hosting scout units.
Why LuLaRoe Belongs in the Faith and Work Conversation
Multilevel marketing isn’t a hobby. And its workers need discipleship.
El COVID-19 acabó con nuestro sentido del progreso personal
Las Escrituras dicen que eso podría ser algo bueno.
Cristianos provida oran y se manifiestan contra el fallo de México que despenaliza el aborto
La decisión unánime de la Suprema Corte sienta un precedente histórico en el país fuertemente católico.
Most Kenyan Churches Ban Politicians from Pulpits, Except for Methodists
Evangelicals join Anglicans, Catholics, and Presbyterians in restricting campaigning during worship services.
Sodom Destroyed by Meteor, Scientists Say. Biblical Archaeologists Not Convinced.
Naturalistic explanation for biblical miracle doesn’t resolve questions of chronology at Tall el-Hammam excavation in Jordan.
Remittances Are Down, but Suicides Are Climbing in One Kenyan Refugee Camp
The worldwide financial downturn caused by COVID-19 is one more reason to lose hope, for some of the most vulnerable.
Out of the Overflow
Quick To ListenEpisode 282|54 min
Did We Get Tammy Faye Wrong?
The late televangelist gets a Hollywood reassessment.
Viral JesusEpisode 10|43 min
From Invisibility to Advocacy
As president of the Asian American Christian Collaborative, Raymond Chang is helping the whole church see the importance of a faith that engages thoughtfully with race, politics, and justice.
How the Umbrella Movement Spurred Hong Kong’s Digital Witness
Faced with political division and government oversight, the church began to develop richer and wider-reaching online public theology.
Josh McDowell Steps Back from Ministry After Race Remarks
“I made comments about race, the Black family, and minorities that were wrong and hurt many people.”
De volta à faculdade, estudantes evangélicos estão ansiosos para falar e ouvir sobre questões raciais
Uma pesquisa da InterVarsity sobre cristãos em universidades seculares mostra que muitos se sentem acolhidos e desejam “buscar juntos o bem comum”.
Пустите афганских беженцев приходить ко Мне
В этот важный момент мы призваны прислушаться к повелению Христа открыть свои сердца и быть щедрыми.
Por que a destruição ambiental prejudica a adoração
Quando destruímos a criação de Deus, não mais conseguimos ouvir seu chamado à reverência.

Top Story September 27, 2021

Why LuLaRoe Belongs in the Faith and Work Conversation
Why LuLaRoe Belongs in the Faith and Work Conversation
Multilevel marketing isn’t a hobby. And its workers need discipleship.

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