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Exclusive: Here's the Justin Bieber Selfie w/ Biola's Prez Barry Corey. Sry TMZ.
"I could tell that he had an attraction to people that seemed like it was from the heart."
The Sacred Gift of Selfies
Craig Detweiler sees spiritual significance underneath the stereotypes.
Remembering Bill Cunningham, a Fashion Hero for the Rest of UsSubscriber Access Only
The iconic photographer helped me see the human side of style.
Jeremy CowartSubscriber Access Only
The acclaimed photographer’s portfolio ranges from A-list stars to genocide survivors.
Innovative Church Practices, Inspired by Stock Photos: The Abandoned GuitarSubscriber Access Only
Drop that guitbox, broheim.
Finding Healing in Front of the CameraSubscriber Access Only
A Christian considers the benefits of boudoir photography.
How We Instagrammed Away Our FeelingsSubscriber Access Only
Today’s hipster irony and OMG sentimentality distracts from real-life sincerity.
The Selfie’s Deeper TaleSubscriber Access Only
It’s not always about self-aggrandizement.
Morning Roundup 10/27/14
Learning from African Christians; Dear Daddy; Jeremy Cowart
Our Bodies, Our Selfies: On Body Image OnlineSubscriber Access Only
The approval-seeking scrutiny of social media’s selfie-mania.
Picturing N.T. WrightSubscriber Access Only
A willing subject, a talented photographer, and great light. When planning a photo session in a remote location you hope for those three things. In the case of CT’s April 2014 cover story, we received them all.
Changing Depictions, Changing PerceptionsSubscriber Access Only
Bridging the gap between female stereotypes and real women starts in our heads, not stock photography.
Morning Roundup 1/20/14
Millennials and High Church; John Schneider; Raising Kids to Love Missions
Picture This: A Closer Look at Mindy Kaling's Elle CoverSubscriber Access Only
We need a more informed eye, rather than an impulse for outrage.
CreationWatchSubscriber Access Only
Websites to help you rediscover the beauty of planet Earth this spring.
PhotographyWatchSubscriber Access Only
Christianity Today's design director lists his favorite photography sites.
Signs of FaithSubscriber Access Only
Finding Jesus on America's Bible Road.
Early LightSubscriber Access Only
On pilgrimage to Ireland's first Christian sites.
VisualcySubscriber Access Only
Literacy is not the only necessity in a visual culture.
Good ShootersSubscriber Access Only
Christian photojournalists are teaching the church to communicate through pictures.

Top Story July 10, 2020

The Long Obedience of Racial Justice
The Long Obedience of Racial Justice
To bear the image of God is a declaration of dignity that challenges power.

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