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A Patriotism of Compassion, Not Pomp and Glory
Richard Mouw reflects on the moral and spiritual work of loving your country.
Fewer Churches Put Patriotism on Display for July 4
Though two-thirds are OK with flying the flag year-round, pastors have become more divided over Independence Day celebrations since 2016.
Bukan Gas Air Mata yang Mengejutkan Saya
Bagaimana Menggembalakan di Tengah Unjuk Rasa Mengubah Perspektif Seseorang
Foniks Bangkit Setelah Perbudakan ISIS
Bagaimana Perjalanan Seorang Wanita Membawanya dari Tangan ISIS kepada Pengharapan di dalam Yesus.
Aprendendo a enxergar beleza em meio às cicatrizes da guerra
Como uma jornada por uma terra devastada pela guerra mudou a mente de um acadêmico
Who Pays the Price for Crisis Pregnancies?
Early pro-life advocates said “no” to abortion and “yes” to social safety nets for mothers. But most of today’s movement has lost that approach.
3 FEMA Resources for Hurricane Season — and Securing Houses of Worship
Equip your church for the next disaster and learn more about the resources available through the FEMA app.
Eu e minha casa resistiremos a Mamom
O dinheiro promete autonomia abundante. Mas o que precisamos é de um lugar onde não possamos nos esconder.
Viral JesusEpisode 37|38min
Maryanne J. George: Still Talking to Jesus
The Maverick City singer on her family’s legacy of faith, living with anxiety, and how the pandemic helped make “Old Church Basement” go viral.
Is There a Wholesome Alternative to Christian Nationalism?
Paul Miller’s critique of political idolatry is persuasive. His defense of patriotic civil religion, less so.
What Came Before the Ultrasound–and What Comes After
From word pictures to video games, prenatal visualization technology has expanded our empathy for the unborn.
His Election Polarized the Philippines. Now Evangelicals Are Repairing Burned Bridges.
Believers on both sides pray for incoming president Bongbong Marcos, as pastors harness new enthusiasm around nation-building and kingdom-building.
No todos los provida están celebrando
El profeta Jeremías nos enseña que el lamento bíblico por el aborto no es apático ni tiene aires de triunfalismo.
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5 Things Thriving Churches Do Well
Set your goals. Grow your church.
Pro-Life Black Christians Don’t Focus on Abortion Alone
Overturning Roe v. Wade draws attention to what they’ve known all along: There’s much more to upholding life than banning abortion.
Thoughts on Navigating Our Church Effectively in a ‘Moved’ Neighborhood
Being neighborly is a choice, according to Jesus.
Na República Dominicana, evangélicos pedem uma reforma da polícia
Leia esta e outras notícias sobre cristãos em um giro rápido ao redor do mundo.
Os filhos de missionários não estão bem
Crianças da terceira cultura estão lutando contra a crise de cuidado na igreja, dizem especialistas.

Top Story June 30, 2022

Who Pays the Price for Crisis Pregnancies?
Who Pays the Price for Crisis Pregnancies?
Early pro-life advocates said “no” to abortion and “yes” to social safety nets for mothers. But most of today’s movement has lost that approach.

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