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Para Dietrich Bonhoeffer, o dever cívico começou em casa
Como um passeio por seus aposentos particulares nos ajuda a entender melhor suas responsabilidades públicas - e as nossas.
Amid the Stresses and Strains of Higher Education, Christian Study Centers Are Thriving
How a postwar evangelical movement to unite mind and heart spread to campuses across the country.
What the Bible Says About QAnon
The powerful are scheming. The biggest truths have been hidden. Did the apostle Paul love conspiracy theories?
When States Don't Talk with Churches about Covid Timetables, Tensions Increase
We need a better way and a clearer plan for churches in IL, CA, and a few other states-- a follow up from my article for the Religion News Service.
Want a Healthy Society? Support Moms
How politicians and leaders on both the Left and Right fail to adequately aid mothers.
Seeking the Lord of the Traveling Harvest
A journalist sketches an affectionate portrait of the faith and values of itinerant farm workers in America’s heartland.
The Virus Breaks the Camel’s Back
Saudi Arabia and civil war ravaged Yemen. And now this.
Knock Knock. It's Weird Evangelical Twitter.Subscriber Access Only
Online, millennial Christians embrace the absurd.
For Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Civic Duty Began at Home
How a tour through his private living quarters helps us better understand his public responsibilities—and ours.
Por Que as Igrejas Brasileiras Fecharam, Apesar de Presidente Bolsonaro Discordar
Líderes evangélicos explicam por que seguir as orientações dos especialistas em saúde pública sobre o COVID-19 não viola sua fé, mas a demonstra.
Why Brazil’s Churches Closed, Even Though President Bolsonaro Disagrees
Evangelical leaders explain why heeding public health experts on COVID-19 doesn’t violate their faith but instead demonstrates it.
Christian Zionism Isn’t the Caricature of Popular Imagination
It isn’t end-times fascination that explains the enduring bond between evangelicals and Israel.
A Year of Suffering and Soul-Searching in Sutherland Springs
How does a God-fearing, gun-friendly church recover from a horrific mass shooting? Long after the camera crews departed, a Texas journalist stuck around to find out.
White Christians: Trump May Not Be a Good Person, But He Is a Good President
New Pew Research data details the mixed feelings among Trump’s faithful supporters.
Politics Isn’t the Answer. But It’s an Answer.
Beware of the twin temptations of political engagement.
Choosing the Agenda of the Lamb
Reject fundamentalism. Embrace co-belligerency.
Billy Graham Is Still Shaping American Politics
The evangelist’s balancing act may be his most enduring legacy.
Heed the Humble, Evade the Exalted
Christians can differ in their votes, but the priorities of Jesus seem pretty clear.
Must Pro-Life Mean Pro-Trump?
We have placed too much faith in the political calculus and not enough faith in God’s power.
Christian Convictions Start at the Beginning
Our first commission and second Great Commandment help us avoid politics of fear.

Top Story May 29, 2020

George Floyd Left a Gospel Legacy in Houston
George Floyd Left a Gospel Legacy in Houston
As a person of peace, “Big Floyd” opened up ministry opportunities in the Third Ward housing projects.

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