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Switzerland’s Original Reformer Was Creative, Combative, and Frequently Controversial
A new biography captures the misunderstood faith of Huldrych Zwingli.
Pro-Life Ob-Gyns: Ectopic Pregnancy, Miscarriage Care Will Continue After Roe
Even if the pills and procedures seem similar to elective abortion, doctors know the difference between treatment when a pregnancy ends and treatment to end a pregnancy.
Mengasihi Gereja Anda Dalam Keterbatasannya
Menerima kekurangan jemaat adalah kunci untuk mengembangkan kekuatannya.
Notre engagement « pro-vie » ne devrait pas être limité par des loyautés tribales
En tant que chrétiens, nous ne devons pas laisser nos alliés politiques restreindre notre définition de notre prochain.
Abortion Bans Should Ban Abortion
Miscarriage and ectopic pregnancies are not abortion. Pro-life Christians urge clear distinctions in state laws.
Died: Fred Carter, Little-Known Black Artist Behind Chick Tracts
“Shy” creator drew stories of sin and salvation seen by millions.
Hubo casos de acoso sexual dentro de Christianity Today. Nunca se les dio el seguimiento adecuado.
Varias mujeres denunciaron conductas inapropiadas de parte de dos altos directivos durante más de doce años. No se hizo nada al respecto.
Died: Franz Mohr, Master Piano Tuner and Evangelist
The chief concert technician for Steinway & Sons gave Bibles to the world’s greatest pianists and told them about Jesus.
Willow Creek Cuts Staff Budget by $6.5 Million
During the pandemic, just a couple years after Bill Hybels’s resignation, attendance at the Chicago-area megachurch fell by half.
Foster Children of Color Need Empathy, Sensitivity and Justice
Good intentions are not enough in a field where best practices, like kinship care, are relatively new.
Should Your Church Get Political?
Understanding the legal, theological, and pastoral considerations of political involvement for churches.
How Seminary Downsizing Cuts into Community
Selling a residential campus comes at the cost of embodied fellowship.
Evangelical Pro-Lifers Clash Over Criminalizing Abortion
Ahead of a potential ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade, Founders Ministries’ Tom Ascol and other “abolitionists” voice opposition to longstanding “incremental” approach, calling for penalties for women.
¡Ayuda! Siento que Dios ya no me importa
Por qué los cristianos caen en la apatía espiritual (y cómo pueden salir de ella).
Viral JesusEpisode 31|50min
Brandon J. O’Brien: Scripture as a Cross-Cultural Experience
Reading the Bible without cultural blinders.
Exodus, Judges, or Nehemiah: Lebanon’s Evangelicals Assess Surprising Election Victory
Amid a rapidly collapsing nation, Christians hope surge of new politicians opposed to traditional sectarian parties will follow biblical parallels.
After Shooting, Churches Navigate China-Taiwan Tensions Under the Surface
While Presbyterian Church in Taiwan has historic ties to the push for independence, most Chinese congregations in the US avoid highlighting the ongoing political polarization.

Top Story May 21, 2022

How Seminary Downsizing Cuts into Community
How Seminary Downsizing Cuts into Community
Selling a residential campus comes at the cost of embodied fellowship.

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