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Слов’янські церкви Америки наповнюються біженцями від війни в Україні
Одне покоління біженців із пострадянського простору вітає інше.
Славянские церкви Америки наполняются беженцами от войны в Украине
Одно поколение беженцев из постсоветского пространства приветствует другое.
Died: Paul Eshleman, Who Brought ‘Jesus’ Film to the Ends of the Earth
The Campus Crusade evangelism strategist wanted everyone in the world to hear the good news that God loved them.
It’s Time to Forgive Each Other Our Pandemic Sins
As the COVID-19 emergency ends, the church can lead the world into a spirit of amnesty.
Manipur Christians: ‘The Violence Has Shattered Us’
Many from India’s tribal Kuki community have fled their homes. Amid ongoing violence, returning isn’t an option.
Don’t Pretend the Ugandan Homosexuality Law Is Christian
Not everything that’s a sin is a crime—let alone one punishable by death.
Xerxes, Cyrus, or Pharaoh: Nigerian Christians Seek Parallels for New President They Opposed
Bola Tinubu spurned tradition to pick a fellow Muslim as his running mate. Believers wonder if he will champion greater Islamization, be the figure able to resist it, or listen to his evangelical wife.
Berbahagialah Mereka yang Meratapi Bunuh Diri
Memedulikan orang yang menderita membutuhkan teologi penderitaan yang kaya.
Orang Kristen Bertanya kepada ChatGPT tentang Tuhan. Apakah Ini Berbeda dengan Googling?
Para pakar dari seluruh dunia menjelaskan konsekuensi revolusi AI bagi orang percaya di dalam dan di luar internet.
The Slow WorkEpisode 9|40min
The Way You Become a Writer with Bret Lott
The hidden glamour of discipline and hard work.
Viral JesusEpisode 73|48min
I Think I Need a Therapist, Part 2
In her own season of crisis, therapist Sarah Bontrager realized that Jesus is exactly who he said he is.
Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Asian Girl Name
How did a name the Puritans made popular take off in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese immigrant circles?
Como aumentar suas chances de ter um casamento bem-sucedido
Se você está namorando sério, não passe sem pensar para um compromisso vitalício. Decida dar esse passo.
Jordan’s Churches Approve Law on Equal Inheritance for Christian Women
Draft law agreed to by 11 major denominations now needs approval by parliament.
The Russell Moore ShowEpisode 56|49min
John Starke’s Antidote for Performance Faith
The pastor and author talks about the power of Christ’s presence in our lives.
Vengeance Was Theirs: Armenia Honors Christian Assassins, Complicates Path to Peace
Pastors and professors reflect on the ethical dilemma of extrajudicial justice against Ottoman officials responsible for genocide, and on commemorating their killers today.

Top Story June 1, 2023

Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Asian Girl Name
Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Asian Girl Name
How did a name the Puritans made popular take off in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese immigrant circles?

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