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Ecclesiastes Is the Story of Abel Writ Large
Biblical Hebrew uses similar names for “vanity” and the slain brother. That’s no accident.
For Such a Month As This: Free Trauma-Informed Spiritual and Emotional Care Resources
Practical training and tools for responding to traumatic events–from mass shootings to the SBC sexual abuse scandal.
Nigerian Christians Protest Deborah’s Death
Blasphemy killing of Sokoto student and ISWAP execution video are latest examples of sectarian tensions in Africa's largest nation.
Southern Baptists Move to Release Pastor List, Repudiate Old Approach to Survivors
More change needed, survivors say, but new lawyers bring signs of hope.
Sobreviví a un tiroteo. He aquí algunas sugerencias sobre cómo orar por las víctimas.
Necesitamos algo más que simples palabras de consuelo.
The Russell Moore ShowEpisode 18|58min
Tim Alberta Worries Politics Is Poisoning the Church
Alberta and Moore discuss the profound political influence on modern evangelicalism.
Why Christ’s Ascension is Essential
Jesus’ return to heaven was not an awkward stage exit but the climax of our redemption story.
L’apocalypse des baptistes du Sud
Une vaste enquête dévoile la résistance de la plus grande dénomination protestante des États-Unis à la prise en compte des agressions sexuelles.
Los bautistas del sur se negaron a actuar ante los abusos, a pesar de contar con una lista secreta de pastores
Investigación: El personal del Comité Ejecutivo de la SBC calificó los gritos de ayuda de los defensores como una «distracción del evangelismo» y una «responsabilidad legal», obstaculizando sus informes y resistiendo sus peticiones de reforma.
L’Évangile n’oblige pas à ce que notre porte soit toujours ouverte
Le pouvoir de l’hospitalité introvertie dans un univers fasciné par l’extraversion.
After 2,000 UK Church Buildings Close, New Church Plants Get Creative
In England, some rally to restore aging and emptying Anglican sites, while diverse congregations look beyond traditional sanctuaries.
Will the Church Walk in the Way of the Great Physician?
For those broken by the church, leaders must consider God’s heart and rebuild the fractures.
Una reflexión sobre ofrecer nuestros ‘pensamientos y oraciones’ tras otro tiroteo masivo
Tanto la oración como el lamento son respuestas adecuadas cuando enfrentamos una tragedia.
Jangan Mengharapkan Kepuasan Instan dari ‘Saat Teduh’ Anda
Meluangkan waktu lima belas menit untuk membaca Alkitab mungkin tidak akan mengubah hari-hari Anda secara langsung, tetapi hal ini akan menghasilkan buah pada waktu yang tepat.
Batistas do Sul se recusaram a agir contra o abuso, apesar da lista secreta de pastores
Investigação: A equipe do Comitê Executivo da SBC, por ver os pedidos de ajuda dos denunciantes como algo que desviava a atenção do evangelismo e representava risco de processos legais, impediu seus relatórios e resistiu aos pedidos de reforma.
Theologians Craft Wesleyan Agreement for a Divided Methodist Era
64 scholars sign document they hope will ground more Christians in holiness doctrines.
Pastors in the Valley of Death Row
While a win for religious liberty, the Ramirez ruling will take a traumatic toll on an already burdened profession.
Why Juneteenth Should Matter to the Church
Join us on June 15th for a live discussion on the historical, cultural, and theological significance of Juneteenth.
Church of Scotland Approves Same-Sex Marriage
(UPDATED) Traditionalist minority worry disagreement on the issue will make it harder to work together on mission.
The Russell Moore ShowEpisode 17|40min
Rachael Denhollander Calls for a Southern Baptist Reckoning on Abuse
Denhollander and Russell Moore respond to the third-party investigation of sexual abuse in the SBC.

Top Story May 26, 2022

Theologians Craft Wesleyan Agreement for a Divided Methodist Era
Theologians Craft Wesleyan Agreement for a Divided Methodist Era
64 scholars sign document they hope will ground more Christians in holiness doctrines.

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