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Miracles Are Outlasting the Arguments Against Them
New Testament scholar Craig Keener investigates contemporary accounts of “signs and wonders,” while suggesting that many grounds for skepticism are behind the times.
Francine Rivers Wants ‘Redeeming Love’ to Draw People to Christ
It’s the story of Hosea—but steamier.
During the Synagogue Standoff, We Showed Up to Help Our Neighbors. We Ended Up Praying Together.
Texas pastor Bob Roberts Jr. led prayer among interfaith clergy who were there to support the rabbi’s family and local authorities throughout the Colleyville hostage crisis.
Texas Pregnancy Centers See Clientele Shift After Abortion Ban
With the Heartbeat Act restricting abortions after six weeks, the women coming in for tests are earlier along, more confused, and more desperate.
What’s New in Evangelical Views on Abortion? The Age Gap
Between 2016 and 2020, younger white evangelicals started to shift away from pro-life positions while older ones solidified their stances.
Four Keys for Church Leaders Surviving the Tension of Unprecedented Times
We’re living in both the here, and the not yet. And it is exhausting.
‘They’ Is Not a Pronoun for God
God doesn't have a gender, but his pronouns do.
What Liz Cheney Can Teach American Evangelicals
Christians should preserve their integrity instead of conserving their influence.
How to Church Shop Like the First Christians
In an age of virtual worship services, some things should stay the same.
Here’s Who Stopped Going to Church During the Pandemic
Recent research paints a grim picture for local congregations. But it also highlights opportunities.
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‘What Kind of Christian are You?’ and Other Questions for Online Dating
Dating is very, very hard. But these 6 questions make it easier.
This Gen-Xer Woke up to Adulthood the Day of the Jan. 6 Capitol Riots
Curtis Chang challenges those of his generation to step up and care for our world.
I 50 Paesi in cui è più difficile seguire Gesù nel 2022
L’ultimo rapporto sulla persecuzione dei cristiani afferma che la Nigeria ha 4 martiri su 5, la Cina ha 3 attacchi alle chiese su 5 e l’Afghanistan è ora peggio della Corea del Nord.
إليكم 50 دولة يصعب فيها اتّباع يسوع في العام 2022
تُشير أحدث التّقارير المرتبطة باضطهاد المسيحيين إلى حدوث 4 حالات استشهاد لمسيحيين في نيجيريا من أصل 5 عالميًّا وحدوث 3 هجمات ضدّ الكنائس في الصّين من أصل 5 عالميًّا ناهيك عن تردّي الحال في أفغانستان بشكل يفوق حجم الاضّطهاد في كوريا الشّماليّة.
Let’s Praise Progress on Religious Freedom. Start with These Countries.
Four Muslim-majority nations deserve our support and engagement, as an alliance of 33 other nations finds its voice.
Los 50 países donde es más difícil ser cristiano en 2022
El último informe sobre la persecución de cristianos afirma que 4 de cada 5 asesinatos de cristianos ocurrieron en Nigeria, 3 de cada 5 ataques a iglesias ocurrieron en China, y la persecución en Afganistán es ahora peor que en Corea del Norte.
Os 50 países em que é mais difícil ser cristão em 2022
O relatório mais recente sobre a perseguição a cristãos afirma que a Nigéria tem 4 em cada 5 mártires, a China tem 3 em cada 5 ataques a igrejas e o Afeganistão, agora, está pior do que a Coreia do Norte.
Les 50 pays où il est le plus difficile de suivre Jésus en 2022
Trois chrétiens martyrisés sur cinq le sont au Nigeria. Trois églises attaquées sur cinq se trouvent en Chine. L’Afghanistan est désormais pire que la Corée du Nord.

Top Story January 22, 2022

Texas Pregnancy Centers See Clientele Shift After Abortion Ban
Texas Pregnancy Centers See Clientele Shift After Abortion Ban
With the Heartbeat Act restricting abortions after six weeks, the women coming in for tests are earlier along, more confused, and more desperate.

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