Does God Know Your Next Move?
Does God change his mind? Will God ever change his plans in response to our prayers? If God knows it all, are we truly free? What does God know—and when does he know it? Christopher A. Hall and John Sanders debate openness theology.
Has God Been Held Hostage by Philosophy?
"A forum on free-will theism, a new paradigm for understanding God."
The Grand Farewell
We tend to focus on the way Jesus came into the world. It will pay us not to overlook the way he left.
Myth Matters
Why C.S. Lewis's books remain models for Christian apologists in the 21st century
Readers' Forum: Truth at Risk
Six leading openness theologians say that many assumptions made about their views are simply wrong
Whatever Happened to Christian History?
Evangelical historians have finally earned the respect of the secular academy. But some critics say they've sold out. Not really
God at Risk
A former process theologian says a 30-percent God is not worth worshipping
Can God Reach the Mentally Disabled?
Are mentally challenged adults whose intellectual age is probably that of a 1-year-old sheltered under God's salvation?
Open Debate in the Openness Debate
It's been centuries since Luther nailed his theses to a church door, but the Internet is reintroducing theological debate to the public square.
In the Word: The 'Shyness' of God
Self-centeredness is cured by looking deeply within the life of the Trinity.
Readers' Forum: The Rapture: What Would Jesus Do?
An end-times pilgrim counts the cost of discipleship
What Hollywood Doesn't Know About Romantic Love
Celebrating Valentine's Day in the spirit of the Song of Solomon
Learning the Ancient Rhythms of Prayer
Why charismatics and evangelicals, among others, are flocking to communities famous for set prayers and worshiping by the clock
Minorities Accuse Council of Off-Road Theology
Critics force the Latin American Council of Churches to withdraw its Theology on the Road mission document
Whose Child Is This?
The early church's opponents claimed Jesus was illegitimate. Its heretical fringe said he wasn't human. The doctrine of the Virgin Birth set them both straight.
No Sympathy for the Devil
How should Christians react to all this talk about exorcism?
Undying Worm, Unquenchable Fire
What is hell—eternal torment or annihilation? A look at the Evangelical Alliance's The Nature of Hell.
Free to Be Creatures Again
How predestination descended like a dove on two unsuspecting seminarians, and why they are so grateful.
Big-Picture Faith
From the first nanosecond to the final cry of victory, and every divine moment between—all is charged with meaning.
Love Your Heavenly Enemy
How are we going to live eternally with those we can't stand now?

Top Story May 27, 2024

What I Would Change After 30 Years of Marriage
What I Would Change After 30 Years of Marriage
I should have invited Ruth to our wedding—to acknowledge how much our ordinary moments point to the story of Christ.

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