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Jim Wallis vs. Jim Dobson

Jim Wallis notes that Don Sherwood, Republican from Pennsylvania, just lost his House seat, just like pretty much every other Republican in Pennsylvania. But what Wallis really wants to talk about is Focus on the Family Action's giving Sherwood an 85% rating based on how he voted on legislation related to abortion, pledge of allegiance, stem cell research, and the federal Marriage Protection Amendment. Wallis thinks that Focus on the Family Action should have looked at the person, not the issues.

Congressman Sherwood admitted cheating on his wife, and in 2004, his mistress, Cynthia Ore, called 911 accusing the congressman of choking and hitting her. The congressman denies having abused his mistress. He did, however, settle out of court a civil case that Ms. Ore brought against him for an undisclosed amount of money.Silly me, I thought fidelity and faithfulness in our marriage relationships were also family values. And having your new mistress allege that you beat her up isn't the best ...
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