Restricted "Family Values"?

Who does FRC represent?

The conservative Family Research Council's Tony Perkins, in his latest missive–entitled "Family Values or the Liberal Status Quo?"–weighs in on tomorrow's vote in the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives on the "hate crimes" bill. Perkins opposes the bill, saying it contradicts the "family values" image many Democrats ran on and won with last year. I agree.

But the following passage from Perkins is curious:

"This bill creates a caste system within American society where those who fit a certain category - ranging from race, disability, gender to sexual orientation and transgendered - would be seen as deserving special legal protection. The bill is most notable for the millions of Americans it leaves out, meaning if you or I are a victim of a violent crime - we matter less." (emphases mine)

Perkins seems to say that those he represents do not belong to "certain" categories, ranging from race to disability, to sex to sexuality. Does he mean the FRC only represents healthy, straight ...

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