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OT Scholar Bruce Waltke Resigns Following Evolution Comments

Denying data in favor of evolution "will make us a cult," said Reformed Theological Seminary luminary.

CT has been watching the online debate snowball over this week's resignation of renowned OT scholar Bruce Waltke from Reformed Theological Seminary. At issue: the March 24 release of a BioLogos interview in 2009 where Waltke states:

"...if the data is overwhelmingly in favor of evolution, to deny that reality will make us a cult…some odd group that is not really interacting with the world. And rightly so, because we are not using our gifts and trusting God's Providence that brought us to this point of our awareness."

Reformed Theological Seminary asked Waltke to have the video removed. Waltke's resignation was announced April 6.

Waltke clarified his comments in the video, specifically his belief in a historical Adam and Eve and his support for those who hold creationist views. He also issued a joint statement with BioLogos president Darrel Falk regarding the importance of this debate within higher education.

JR Daniel Kirk notes that another big OT name, Tremper Longman III, was disinvited from RTS for expressing doubt over the historicity of Adam in September 2009. Reformation21 is making allusions to the Peter Enns controversy at Westminster Theological Seminary in 2008.

Rod Dreher gives his take here, and Inside Higher Ed examines "the video that ended a career." RJS offers some reflections on Scot McKnight's blog here.

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