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‘Lord, I pray this house is as solid as I think,” Haiti quake survivor prayed.

Many short-term missions volunteers evacuated after quake.

Two weeks after Haiti's historic earthquake, the stories of survival are beginning to flood out. At the time of the quake, there were hundreds of Americans in country on short-term missions trips.

Ann Klein, during a detailed interview with Christianity Today, told her story of survival and post-quake ministry. She was in Messailler, Haiti, on Tuesday, January 12, on a short-term mission trip. This community is located 20 miles northwest of Port-au-Prince and was not as devastated as Leogane, a major community at the quake epicenter.

During the 7.0 magnitude quake, Ann Klein was aroused from an after-clinic rest to violent shaking. She wondered if the concrete around her would crumble. "I lay there praying, ‘Lord, I pray this house is as solid as I think it is.' "

Klein, 71, has been a regular volunteer to medical missions work in Haiti since 1990, traveling to the impoverished nation up to six times per year. After nearly a minute (53 seconds to be exact) of violent tremors, the earthquake ...

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