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Let the Children Bippity Boppity Boo

A thoughtful essay explores the positive aspects of exposing kids to magic in movies

"Parents, let's admit it," writes film critic Rebecca Cusey for SixSeeds.tv. "Some of us don't quite know how to handle magic in stories and movies. Maybe we don't want our kids to be frightened by wicked witches that turn into dragons or by mean teachers that turn into Greek Furies. Maybe we want to answer their questions truthfully and magic seems like a cop-out. Or maybe we practice a faith that is deeply uncomfortable with magic. There's no escaping it. Magic is everywhere in culture these days."

But Cusey doesn't advise parents to run from it, or to aggressively shield their kids. Instead, she suggests that magic in such movies as Harry Potter, The Princess and the Frog, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and others, "we sell our kids short. I say, let them bippity boppity boo."

She goes on: "We sell our children short by thinking they'll somehow absorb paganism from magic in books and cinema. Kids know what is imagination and what is not. What little girl hasn't longed to be transformed ...

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