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Tea Party Jesus: 'Blessed Are the Mean'

Scathing video depicts 'Sermon on the Mall' as if Christ were speaking for Tea Party

So, there's a new animated video online, picturing Jesus giving a speech to thousands in Washington, D.C., as if he had based his teachings on the sayings of the Tea Party.

In what the creators are calling the "Sermon on the Mall," Jesus begins his famous talk by saying, "Blessed are the mean in spirit, for theirs in the kingdom of heaven." Behind him, cheering him on, are his "disciples," including Gingrich, Perry, Romney, Santorum, Bachmann, Limbaugh, and Beck.

Jesus goes on: "Blessed are the pure in ideology, for they can demonize any who disagree." And the zingers continue:

"Blessed are you when you revile and persecute and utter all kinds of evil falsely. Rejoice and be glad. Great is your reward, for in the same way the prophets Beck and Limbaugh have persecuted others before you."

"For any who believe our governments should help the poor show contempt for their Maker and whoever ignores the needy honors God."

"You have heard it said [Matthew 5:33], "Don't swear falsely," but I say to ...

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