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Died: Edith Schaeffer, Co-Founder of L'Abri with Husband Francis

After writing numerous books, 98-year-old 'completed a dramatic life with a final flourish.'

Edith Schaeffer, who along with her husband Francis founded the influential L'Abri Fellowship in Switzerland, died at home on Saturday. She was 98.

Her son, Frank Schaeffer, announced her passing on his Patheos blog. "Mom completed a dramatic life with a final flourish: she died on Easter Saturday, to join her risen Lord," he wrote, later noting:

Mom was a wonderful paradox: an evangelical conservative fundamentalist who treated people as if she was an all-forgiving progressive liberal of the most tolerant variety. Mom's daily life was a rebuke and contradiction to people who see everything as black and white. Liberals and secularists alike who make smug disparaging declarations about "all those evangelicals" would see their fondest prejudices founder upon the reality of my mother's compassion, cultural literacy and loving energy.

CT featured Edith Schaeffer's thoughts on the illusion or reality of heaven in a 2003 roundup of evangelical views on the afterlife. Reflecting on a visit to San ...

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