White House Tells Churches How To 'Run, Hide, or Fight' When Gunmen Attack

(UPDATED) Leading church safety voices say new federal guidelines are a good reminder for churches—especially smaller ones—to think about security.

Update (June 25): In the days following the release of the federal government's "Guide for Developing High-Quality Emergency Operating Plans for Houses of Worship," CT has gathered responses from leading voices on church safety. Their verdict? The guide is a good reminder for churches—especially smaller ones—to think about security.

"[The guide] is consistent with generally accepted security planning procedures and standards, and I find nothing in the document that would lead readers on a dangerous misdirection ….There should be a plan familiar to those tasked with security planning and operations (This guide takes us through that very well), but there should also be a simple plan (i.e. summary, flip chart, quick guide) familiar to all staff and volunteers. Not only in a simple document form, but also in training protocols. This component is absent from the document. While it would be picked up by experienced security operators, it should be mentioned ...

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