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Christian Converts in Morocco Fear Fatwa Calling for Their Execution

House church leaders worried whether fatwa will change laws.

A recent Moroccan fatwa calling for the execution of those who leave Islam has left many Christian converts in turmoil.

There is still much debate over how the fatwa, which only recently came to light after the government's top authority on Islam issued it last year, could change laws in Morocco. But a Moroccan Christian convert active in the house church movement said many former Muslims who are now Christians fear for their lives.

"The fatwa showed us that our country is still living in the old centuries–no freedom, no democracy," he said. "Unfortunately, we feel that we aren't protected. We can be arrested or now even killed any time and everywhere."

The Marrakech resident, who requested anonymity, said many Moroccan converts feel the same way.

"The majority of the Christian Moroccan leaders have the same feeling," he said. "We are more followed now by the secret police than before. Only the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ gives us courage and peace."

The governmental High Council of Ulemas, ...

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