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Sacred Duties Subscriber access only
Why we wanted an article rethinking tax exemptions.
The Gospel According to Mark (Galli) Subscriber access only
Lessons from CT’s editor in chief.
Meet the Minnie Church Subscriber access only
What happens when you plant a church only for Walt Disney World employees?
Our October Issue: Short-Term Memory Subscriber access only
Bearing witness well.
Remembering Rob Moll
Our friend and coworker had joyfully prepared for his tragic death.
The Risk of Inviting Jesus into Your Summer Subscriber access only
Can this season be one where I grow with God and with my neighbor?
Religious Freedom Isn’t Just for Christians Subscriber access only
A Supreme Court cruelty reveals how we can love our neighbors.
How to Jump Back In to Bible Reading Subscriber access only
Christian leaders have their own reasons for not reading Scripture.
Our March Issue: No Senior Moments, Please Subscriber access only
Aging, weakness, and … hey let’s talk about something else!
Who Counts? How to Rightly Divide American Christianity Subscriber access only
The academy's debate over black church differences is more than a numbers game.
Jesus Is Lord. Period. Subscriber access only
We’re rendering unto Caesar too much time and attention.
Our March Issue: The Gospel for ‘Every Area of Life’ Subscriber access only
We still believe that the basic solution to the world’s crises—and our own—is theological.
One Does Not Simply Leave Evangelicalism Subscriber access only
We agree: It’s a broken word describing broken people in a broken movement. It’s still Good News.
No Child Left Behind Comes to Awana Subscriber access only
The children’s ministry rethinks the competition at its core.
Hath God Truly Said, ‘Avoid Foolish Controversies’? Subscriber access only
It turns out that lustily fighting for the truth isn’t what God asks of us.
Our June Issue: In the Body of Christ, We’re All Connected Subscriber access only
The networks and bonds between hundreds of millions of Christians never stop surprising us.
Our May Issue: Social Science and Spiritual Formation Subscriber access only
Can research about the fruit of the spirit make you a better Christian?
Why Outrage Culture Is Good News for the Gospel Subscriber access only
Moral relativism is dead.
Our April Issue: Mystically United in Christ Subscriber access only
All we are is his. And he is ours. What a glorious mystery.
How Much Attention Does Luther Really Deserve? Subscriber access only
How to celebrate one of history’s biggest celebrities.