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It's been said we were given two ears and one mouth because we were meant to listen twice as much as we talk.

According to Personnel Journal (August 1980), the following nine questions will give you an idea of how you listen:

1. Since you think about four times faster than a person usually talks, do you use this time to think about other things while you're keeping track of the conversation?

2. Do you listen primarily for facts rather than ideas when someone is speaking?

3. Do you avoid listening to things you feel will be too difficult to understand?

4. Can you tell from a person's appearance and delivery that there won t be anything worthwhile said?

5. When someone is talking to you, do you try to appear to be paying attention when you're not?

6. Do certain words and phrases prejudice you so you cannot listen objectively?

7. Do you turn your thoughts to other subjects when you think a speaker will have nothing particularly interesting to say? 8. When you're listening to someone, are you ...

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