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Fall 1980: Pastoral Care & Counseling

Volume 1

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In this Issue
Comments From the Editor
Planting Seeds and Watching them Grow
An interview with Dr. Richard C. Halverson
Recycling Pastors*
Good leadership is a limited resource that must be carefully nurtured and renewed. David McKenna advocates a great idea that could go far toward eliminating leadership frustration, waste, and break-down.
Three Anxieties
A look at pastoral care by a minister who spent six weeks flat on his back.
Are You Asking the Right Questions about your Youth Group?
Few youth leaders disagree that there's a need for effective youth work--it's the how that causes problems. Here are four questions youth workers should ask themselves about their ministry.
A Look at Grief
Tragedy seldom gives warning. A pastor and his wife share how they dealt with a family's grief.
Small Groups: How One Church Does It
A pastor shares a working model of how Christians can build supporting relationships into each other.
Ministerial Burn out
Burn out is a common hazard that need not destroy its victims.
Lay Counselling Within The Local Church
Lay counseling accomplishes many things: it involves members in the work of the church, it provides a fulfilling ministry for lay persons, it takes a load off the pastor. It also solves people's problems.
Seeing Yourself as Others See You
A Christian leader tells how he embarked on a self-examiniation program at the onset of his fortieth birthday.
Ted Engstrom shares five books that are helping him in ministry.
Winter Past: A Struggle For Emotional Health
The case study of a patient and a Christian counselor, plus an analysis of why the therapy worked.
Four Philadelphia Churches
It's not church polity and ecclesiology that make churches work. A caring mood, a Spirit-led harmony of purpose, and a spontaneous outreach to the needy world develop unity out of diversity.
How can the counseling demands of the 1980s be met by the local church? Five leaders share their observations.
Pastoral care and counseling
From the Publisher
A Message from the Publisher: October 01, 1980
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