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A Psychiatrist Looks at Troubled Pastors

An interview with Dr. Louis McBurney

Pastors who feel discouraged and depressed, even suicidal. Pastors leaving the ministry. Pastors who cannot understand why they have oppressive feelings of failure. Such reports two years ago from our board members were part of the stimuli that encouraged us to create LEADERSHIP. True, there are many happy, productive pastors, but there are also many going through deep struggles. Who could speak to such matters?

Fred Smith, subject of our first issue's interview, told us with great enthusiasm about the work of Dr. Louis McBurney, a psychiatrist who has devoted his career to counseling ministers and missionaries in crisis.

Dr. McBurney was named Outstanding Student in Psychiatry upon completion of his M.D. from Baylor College of Medicine. After finishing his psychiatric specialty training at the Mayo Clinic, he was selected by Mayo and the American Psychiatric Association to receive a Faulk Fellowship-a program assigning psychiatrists in training to serve on committees of the APA and served ...

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