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Why Are Session Meetings So Boring?

Maybe it's not just a matter of poor leadership and weary volunteers yearning to go home…

We Presbyterians call it the session meeting. Episcopalians call it the vestry meeting. The rest of you probably call it the board of (fill in the blank) meeting. It's the gathering of those commissioned by the Holy Spirit to give oversight to the ministry of the church.

It is God's purpose that all human history and everything in heaven and on earth be consummated in Jesus Christ. The church is his body, his people, the center out of which his Lordship radiates to all creation. The church is guardian of the mysteries of Cod, trustee of the gospel, and proclaimer of the truth. It's the redemptive community.

Why then is it so boring to give oversight to this glorious bride of Christ? More specifically, why are session, vestry, or board-of-whatever meetings such a drag?

Sometimes it's just a matter of poor leadership. The moderator doesn't moderate, the chair doesn't chair, and the group ends up majoring on minors. The clock strikes ten, eleven, sometimes twelve and one a.m., and the leaders ...

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