Work: The Silent Crisis
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"I get a knot in my stomach every Sunday evening. I dread the coming week. I work for a boss who seldom shows an ounce of compassion and never tells me whether I have done a good job. I feel tremendously alone in this company. I work with colleagues who really aren't friends. I spend most of the day on the telephone or pushing papers to another office. Seldom do I see the end result of my work, and frankly, I haven't felt good about what I'm doing for the past half dozen years. But it's hard to quit when you are paying off a mortgage and have two kids to put through college."

The pain in this man's expression is not unusual. As a church leader you minister to people at birth, marriage, illness, retirement, and death. But millions of people bear a silent crisis almost alone—the crisis of a soulless job.

Americans are having increased difficulty coping with their work environment. The Opinion Research Corporation of America has found that workers are more ...

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