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Winter 1984: Vision

Volume 5

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In this Issue
The View from Above
A conversation with a pastor whose realism and vision helped his local church come alive.
Sidestepping Pitfalls in Congregational Research
Church surveys can help -- but only under certain conditions.
What's a Body to Do?
How to determine your church's specific calling.
Rekindling Vision in an Established Church.
The prophet Joel said old men would dream dreams. What about old congregations?
When the Wineskins Start to Rip
Reorganizing a church is never easy, but at times it's necessary.
Myths of Counseling
This clinical psychologist says professional therapy is overused and overvalued. Christian counselors Louis McBurney, David Benner, Jay Adams, and Gary Collins respond.
The Urge to Serve Beyond Your Means
Without a vision, the people perish, says Proverbs. But with too broad a vision, the people flounder.
Why Peacemakers Aren't Popular
With so many people for peace and unity, why is it in such short supply -- especially within the church?
Building Blocks: How to Avoid Them
Some lessons about building programs from a pastor who learned the hard way.
What to Do with Church Hoppers
Why I Don't Set Goals
Leadership's Top 40: #34
Why I Don't Set Goals
A purposeful leader explains his unorthodox approach.
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