A column of current statistics selected especially for Christian communicators

Fast Facts

Percentage of Americans who believe in heaven: 71

Who believe in hell: 53

Who believe in reincarnation: 15

Percentage of income given to charitable causes, by households with incomes below $10,000: 2.8

By households with incomes from $50,000 to $75,000:1.5

Percentage of Americans who admit they have changed their behavior or plans on the basis of an astrology report: 7

Percentage of single adults, who, the day after sleeping with a new partner, wonder if they have entered a committed relationship: 14

Percentage who wonder if they have contracted a disease: 62

Percentage of newlyweds who, before the wedding, doubted they were marrying the right person: 41

Percentage who, six months into the marriage, believed their unions might not last: 51

Percentage who rated their marriages as happy: 91

Percentage of married couples remaining together in any one year: 98

Percentage of Americans who believe it's not wrong to cheat ...

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