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How do you free a person tormented by evil spirits? Scripture indicates the prayers of believers, operating in the authority of Jesus Christ, can bring freedom. Practically, however, I've never had it happen the same way twice.

If we don't get caught by surprise, we usually handle the actual ministry encounter in teams-at least two people with previous experience in such encounters, but we also include other maturing believers to train them.

We usually begin by getting as much background as we can from the person we're going to pray for. How long have they felt captive? Do they know when they started sensing something foreign within them? How does the enemy's power show itself?

We then ask them to affirm their own spiritual commitment and to renounce any sinful patterns, particularly in areas of the occult or besetting temptations. We ask them to recommit themselves to Jesus and his power.

Then we begin to worship the Lord together. This does two things, it establishes God's ...

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