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A column of current statistics selected especially for Christian communicators

Percentage of people who said a painful event (death, illness, breakup, divorce, etc.) caused them to find a more positive meaning in life: 87

Of all money given to charitable causes, the percentage that goes to religious organizations: 64.5

Percentage of American 3-year-olds who are enrolled in school: 29

Percentage of American Christians who own a VCR: 76

Percentage who in the last year bought a videotape with Christian content: 1

Number of "unreached people groups" in 1974: 17,000

Number remaining today: 12,000

Approximate percentage of youth, ages 11 through 16, who would like to grow up with qualities like those of their mother and father: 72

Percentage of Americans who celebrate their pet's birthday: 24

Who leave the TV on for their pet to watch: 30

Number of languages into which at least one portion of the Bible had been translated, in 1900: 371

Number today: 1,946

Percentage of college freshmen who said they considered ...

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