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Every Minister Needs a Lover by Paul and Sybil Eppinger, Baker, $8.95

She was beautiful, alluring, and seductive. She excited him, tempted him, teased his fantasies, and threatened his marriage.

She was the church. He was Paul Eppinger, a pastor in Phoenix.

The other she in Paul's life is his wife, Sybil, a marriage and family counselor. Together they've written a book to help pastors and their spouses renew and enrich their relationship in the midst of ministry, the very thing that threatens to undermine so many marriages.

In thirty brief chapters, designed so couples can read and reflect daily in the book for a month, the Eppingers reveal how their own marriage nearly ended because of ministry and how they rebuilt it. They show how they now deal with, among other things, sex and children and especially ministry.

What Can We Do About Church Dropouts? by C. Kirk Hadaway, Abingdon, $10.95

There are demographics on "unchurched Harry" telling us who he is and how we can get him in the church door. ...

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