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Renewing Your Sense of Purpose

The week after Easter, I received this letter: "This was [written] after considerable prayer. My husband and I are submitting to the will of God and the urging of other Christians by walking away from your church.

"While we could easily slip out unnoticed and certainly never be missed, which is definitely one of the problems here, I feel that our reasons for leaving are important enough to share with you.

"From the pulpit recently we heard you comment that there's not enough unity between our church and other denominations. This, Pastor Dobson, is ecumenism, and ecumenism is of the antiChrist. …

"With which of these apostates would you suggest we unite? Our church in one broad sweep is trampling the grace of God and mocking the gospel. The church is the body of Christ, Pastor Dobson, not the unsaved masses of humanity you're trying to attract. Our church offers a program for every aspect of society that sets its foot in its walls--single moms, single dads, fatherless children, divorced ...

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