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Monday Morning Restoration

Monday morning: In the past seventy-two hours, I have given five sermons, prayed and talked individually with at least twenty-five people in need of some sort of spiritual change, listened to the complaints of two "hurt" people, and chatted with a couple whose marriage is unraveling.

I am tired, feeling uncertain, and irritated that I didn't do better yesterday.

In the next forty-eight hours, my datebook says I will have attended:

  • a major staff meeting
  • spent an evening with several-dozen new members
  • had breakfast with one of our elders
  • visited with a distraught wife whose husband is depressed
  • lunched with a pastor who wants to talk about how to develop visionary leaders
  • met with an older couple who are desperately lonely because most of their friends have died or gone to Florida
  • "dinnered" with members of our pastoral team who want to propose some dreams about the future.

Interspersed among these hours will be the finishing of this article, a first glance at next weekend's preaching material, ...

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