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A case study to copy, distribute, and discuss with your leadership team.

The Super Couple. That's what everyone called Bill and Donna. After selling his successful dentistry practice, Bill and Donna flung their lives into the ministries of Grace Church. They came early to pray with the pastor on Sunday mornings. They stayed late to discuss church business after council meetings. Both of them served as members of the Prayer Ministry Team. They came to every Bible study the church offered. Bill and Donna informally mentored a handful of young men and women. And Bill and Donna did it all with gusto.

It was a win-win situation. Not only did they help the church grow, Bill and Donna also received huge doses of affirmation. "You two are amazing," they often heard from members and the community alike.

There was just one problem: after three years of this frantic pace, their lives started to unravel. Bill was neglecting his health. Donna was neglecting her emotional health. They became too busy for ...

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