The Next Life of Leadership

Leadership Journal was first published in 1980. Its last issue is the one you're holding in your hand (viewable here). Over 36 years and 145 issues, the journal has championed faithfulness and effectiveness in church leaders.

I joined the journal in 1982, and since then, I've gotten quite an education in all things leadership. I was shaped by the wisdom the journal gleaned, including Max Depree's now-famous description: "The first task of a leader is to define reality." I've requoted that regularly and pondered it often.

Being able to print articles (and cartoons) about leadership and telling the stories of ministry failures and successes has been a joy. I always came away from my conversations with church leaders impressed and amazed at the courage and calling of so many, in so many different situations.

Our readers benefited, and so did our writers, at least according to one. Columnist Mark Buchanan recently penned this note: "I want to thank my friends ...

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