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Pastor Dan?" I heard a quiet voice on the other end of the phone.


"This is Ted. I need to talk to you—bad. Something's happened." He was reluctant to talk over the phone, and sensing the urgency I agreed to meet with him.

I saw him coming as I peered out my office window. Gone were the familiar bounce in his step and mischievous smile on his face. Ted entered the room and slumped in a chair. His eyes were bloodshot and his face drawn.

Covering his face with his hands for a few moments, he slowly withdrew them and let out a long sigh. Then he began quietly. Lisa, his wife, had been on a business trip recently. Upon her return Ted found evidence suggesting that she'd had a sexual encounter. Lisa denied it at first, but then confessed.

"I can't believe her anymore, Pastor. I feel like I've been violated. And when I told her I knew about the affair, she lied. And the worse part is when she finally admitted it, she acted like it was no big ...

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