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When you're in arms it's hard to remember the point.

Fall : Keeping Conflict Healthy

Volume 25

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Back-seat FighterSubscriber Access Only
Would I ever learn to keep my comments about church antagonists to myself?
Leadership Surveys Church ConflictSubscriber Access Only
Bad news: 95% experience conflict. Good news: 94% report positive results.
Crisis ReadySubscriber Access Only
Tragedies are inevitable but never expected. When the next one occurs, will your church be strengthened or shattered?
The Heart of Stone ChurchSubscriber Access Only
When one member stonewalls growth and outreach, what is a church to do?
Navigational Errors
Navigational ErrorsSubscriber Access Only
A thriving church sank, not because it hit an iceberg, but because of six leadership mistakes afterward.
Leading Worship LeadersSubscriber Access Only
4 ways I'm learning to guide artists.
More Internet Ideas that WorkSubscriber Access Only
How are you connecting with your church and community in cyberspace?
Reaching the Post-ChristianSubscriber Access Only
They're today's non-seekers, who've seen Christianity and think they have reasons for rejecting it.
Why Serious Preachers Use HumorSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Top 25 Worship Songs
Water from HomeSubscriber Access Only
Parched and hurting, I stood alone.
Rabble RousedSubscriber Access Only
The complainers place me in an awkward position, seeking God on their behalf when I'd rather give them the boot.
Ghosts of Conflicts PastSubscriber Access Only
This church had been stalking its pastors for generations. Now it was time to stop.
The New Worship TopographySubscriber Access Only
After the music wars, the map has changed. How shall we navigate?
The Good FightSubscriber Access Only
4 spiritual disciplines to keep fights from scarring your soul.
The Conversation You DreadSubscriber Access Only
A nasty outburst led to a more constructive approach for those difficult confrontations.
The War of Online WordsSubscriber Access Only
There's nothing virtual about e-conflict.
Red-Faced Pastor in a Blue State
Red-Faced Pastor in a Blue State
Amid political tensions, when is a pastor to speak out and when to refrain?
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