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Courage in the Face of Helplessness

Clippings from the MacDonald Files.

Some late night musings: I awakened from a dream in which I had been put in prison for the rest of my life. My heart was beating wildly, and the adrenaline was running. As I lay in bed, I began to ponder the biblical heroes who spent time in prisons, which must have been absolutely horrific. Was the dream triggered by recent reading I'd done from Fr. Walter Ciszek's book He Leadeth Me? Ciszek had been thrown into a Russian prison by the secret police.

He describes the moment like this:

That experience is something you cannot describe adequately. Anyone who has ever been arrested by mistake or held overnight in jail will know the feeling, but I cannot find words to convey fully the shock, both emotional and physical, that comes over you in such an experience. Helplessness may be the closest one-word description of that feeling, and yet how pale and inadequate it seems to express the reality. You feel completely cut off from everything and everyone who might conceivably help you, unable to ...
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