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Swimming with the Sharps

Two professionals on mastering the preaching relay.

In Unleashing the Word, Adam Hamilton details his weekly plan for preparing, delivering, and evaluating his sermons. Speaking six times per weekend in an educated but largely unchurched community, Adam Hamilton believes that preaching can change lives. His purpose is considered and thoughtful: to build a Christian community where non-religious and nominally religious people are becoming committed Christians. In Unleashing the Word, Hamilton shares his plan for getting that done.

Hamilton pastors Church of the Resurrection in Kansas City. He is a Methodist, and he is methodical. From sermon research and outlining on Monday, to final revisions for Sunday after the Saturday night services, Hamilton details his process. (This book comes with a DVD, allowing you to sample his finished efforts. First class and inspiring, this alone is worth the price.)

Central in his system is a study leave each July. He uses that time to create clarity for his long term preaching schedule. (Wish you had a planning ...

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